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3Money: Quarter of Irish consumers are ‘impulse buyers’

79% of consumers say mobile technology has made money management easier

A quarter (24%) of Irish consumers class themselves as ‘impulse buyers’, with a more restrained 61% saying they are ‘cautious consumers’ who are careful about the money they spend, according to research* released by Three. The research, which marks the launch 3Money, a brand new offering from Three, also shows that almost half (47%) of Irish people save some money each month, with a further 26% putting money aside less regularly. However, more than a quarter are still struggling, with 27% saying that they are not able to save money each month.

Three has published this research as part of the launch of 3Money, a pre-paid debit card in partnership with MasterCard, which is set to transform the way you spend and save. Available exclusively to Three customers, 3Money can be used online, in ATMs and in-store via chip and pin or contactless payment. As customers can only spend what is on the card, 3Money eliminates the possibility of overspending. 3Money also has a handy Money Wallet feature which allows you to create up to five virtual wallets that can be used to save money for a later date. Customers can manage their money and check their balance through or the new 3Money app.

When it comes to managing their finances, Irish consumers have embraced mobile technology with almost half (46%) agreeing that it has had a positive effect on their spending habits. 45% of respondents also agree that it has made paying for items on the go safe and secure and a massive 79% of people believe mobile technology has made their life easier when it comes to money management.

Irish consumers are choosing convenience over cash, with 59% using debit cards to pay for everyday items. One third of Irish consumers use their debit cards more frequently than they did last year and 27% are using contactless payment more regularly.

Elaine Carey, Chief Commercial Officer of Three said; “At Three, we recognise that the ways in which people pay for things and manage their money have changed. The research is clear; people want a debit card that has all the features and benefits of 3money 3Money helps consumers control spend, it’s easy to manage and the wallets feature gives the added dimension of being able to allocate money for various items, be it a holiday or your daily cup of coffee. We are offering our customers a simple, flexible and effective method of managing their money.”

Three customers can sign up for 3Money by visiting or by calling into their local Three store.

*Survey of 1,000 Irish adults, carried out by Ignite Research, April 2016.