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Mini Mudder

Fruit Shoot Mini Muddler

Connecting mums with a brand in a fun and meaningful way

Tough Mudder Inc and Britvic come together to create an event for kids, the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder. The obstacle course inspires kids to explore their adventurous side, have fun and engage in teamwork.


The Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder is a 1 mile obstacle course mud run designed specifically for adventure-seeking kids between the ages of 7-12. Fruit Shoot were global sponsors of Mini Mudder as part of a three-year deal and Murray Brand activated the partnership in Ireland. 


The PR strategy focused on dialling up the fitness aspects of the event and encouraging parents to let their kids get active and muddy! Murray undertook extensive media relations, a broadcast partnership, parenting blogger engagement and competitions while also engaging key influencers. As part of the broadcast activity, the campaign involved creating a segment to profile the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder with a bespoke obstacle course on national TV.


Extensive media relations resulted in over 4million opportunities to see and a PR Value of over €250k.

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