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My UV Patch

La Roche Posay: My UV Patch

Launch of the first flexible electronic sensor analysis of UV radiation on skin

This highly impactful campaign encouraged behavioural change by raising awareness of melanoma and leading the charge in sun safety innovation.


Murray was tasked with launching La Roche-Posay’s My UV Patch as the world’s first ever stretchable, ultra-thin wearable skin sensor designed to measure UV exposure. As well launching the product, Murray was to educate consumers on how My UV Patch would measure individual sun exposure and help protect against over-exposure to UV radiation, which can cause skin pigmentation issues, photo aging and even skin cancer. Finally, Murray was to position La Roche-Posay as a market leader in promoting sun-safe behaviour and the go-to brand for effective sun care solutions.


Murray crafted strategic messaging, positioning La Roche-Posay as a sun care pioneer committed to the fight against skin cancer with a longstanding mission to educate and raise public awareness regarding sun exposure and skin cancer risks in order to create a better life for people – especially those with sensitive skin. We engaged in extensive media relations across, not only consumer, but also health beauty and technology media.


The campaign resulted in coverage across print, online and broadcast media, achieving over 1.9million opportunities to see and a PR Value of over €216k.

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